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NBA Lockout: NBPA Rejects Deal, Announces It Will File For Decertification

The NBA Players Association has announced its intention to file a disclaimer of interest, essentially announcing it will decertify and file an anti-trust lawsuit against the league instead of accepting the league's proposed deal and continuing the NBA lockout. The news comes after all 30 player team representatives and a number of other players met on Monday to address the NBA's most recent proposal, which is outlined here.

"We're prepared to file this anti-trust action against the NBA. We think that's the best situation for the players to achieve and get their due process," NBPA head Billy Hunter said, via NBATV.

Hunter said the players have "negotiated in good faith for over two years" and felt "they've given enough." He added that the disclaimer of interest will be filed in the next two days. The move allows the players to file the anti-trust lawsuit questioning the legality of the lockout.

NBPA president Derek Fisher said the decision was unanimous.

"A lot of individual players have a lot of things at stake in their careers and where they stand, so we feel its important to all our players ... that we not only try to get a deal done for today, but also for the body of players who will come into this league for this decade and beyond," Fisher said.

The league had previously imposed a deadline for when its offer would become more punitive. It remains to be seen what happens with that offer.