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Wednesday NFL Draft links to click

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How about that Toledo/Northern Illinois game last night? Toledo wide receiver Eric Page is my 73rd overall player for a reason. Now, links!

Rookie Scouting Portfolio - Top 20 RBs (2006-2011) Pt. II
Matt Waldman ranks his 10 best running back prospects from 2006 to 2011. Tops, of course, is Adrian Peterson, followed by Jonathan Stewart.

CBS Sports - Indiana kicks standout WR Belcher off team
Heading into the 2011 season it appeared to be only a matter of time before senior DaMarlo Belcher would pass every other Hoosier wideout to rank as the most productive receiver in school history. Now he's the one who's history.

Richmond Times-Dispatch - Spiders' Aaron Corp drawing NFL interest
Aaron Corp has shown enough ability as the University of Richmond's quarterback to keep the interest of NFL scouts who became aware of him as a Parade All-American and a USC signee. Inconsistency as a Spider, however, may cost him a spot in the 2012 draft, according to one scout.

Grantland - Breaking down the Suck for Luck campaign
This is a bit old, but I kept forgetting to link over to it. Bill Barnwell, I'm guessing a certified genius, breaks down the chances the Colts, Rams and Dolphins get the first overall pick and what they should do with it. - Kiffin: Barkley has 'big decision' to make on NFL
Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin has addressed the possibility of quarterback Matt Barkley leaving USC after his junior season a number of times since his arrival on campus in January 2010. But his way of addressing whether his star will declare early for the NFL draft seems to have changed of late. - Andrew Luck sweepstakes loaded with coincidence, competition
Like it or not, and many find it an awkward situation at best, the race in reverse that is the Andrew Luck sweepstakes will be one of the dominant and most frequently updated storylines in the second half of the NFL's 2011 season.