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NBA Lockout: Head Of Coaches' Associations Pleads For More Negotiations

In an open letter published by the New York Times, longtime director of the NBA Coaches Association Michael H. Goldberg pleas for the owners and players to re-open NBA lockout negotiations.

"The upcoming NBA season must be saved," Goldberg wrote. "To do otherwise will cause a self-inflicted economic blow to an enterprise that over the years through the hard work of players, team owners and the League Office has become a great global brand, but, like every business operating in today's fragile economic landscape, one that is more susceptible to 'decline and fall.'"

Goldberg has led the association for 35 years, and was previously in a leadership role with the ABA. NBA coaches are not unionized, and there are really no leaguewide restrictions on coaches' pay or contract terms. As such, coaches don't face the same sort of labor battles as players and unionized referees.

Players' lawyers have indicated a desire to restart negotiations with the owners after the union was dissolved last week. Reports suggest owners are in no hurry to engage players after the blow-up.