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Finishing up in Los Angeles after Sunday's MLS Cup final

Congrats to the Los Angeles Galaxy for claiming MLS Cup glory last night.

What I particularly like about Sunday's soggy outcome is this: For now, at least, we can put away a lot of arguments about how Major League Soccer works. As I said in our live chat last night:

LA Galaxy was the best team in Major League Soccer wire to wire. So, for now, we can put away all the arguments over playoffs, single table, Supporters Shield as "real" champion and all that other silliness. This year, it all worked. The Galaxy is a deserving champion.

I'll have more later. Right now, I'm off to battle LA traffic (grrrr!) en route to LAX and a flight home.

For now, here's my sidebar from, asking whether a DP-powered win might tip the balance of how clubs approach player personnel choices.