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NBA Lockout Talks Between NBA, NBPA To Resume Saturday, Players Confirm

NBA lockout talks between the NBA owners and the NBA Players Association will resume on Saturday after a eight-day absence, NBPA vice president Roger Mason confirmed after a union meeting on Thursday. The news comes on the heels of a Boston Herald report that suggested the same thing earlier Thursday.

The owners and players last met on October 28, when momentum for a deal was derailed by an argument over Basketball-Related Income. However, Mason told reporters that the players continue to want to discuss various system issues that seemingly were resolved last week. Those issues appear to now be back on the table.

It remains unclear which owners and players will be present at the discussions. The union held its own meeting on Thursday to help address reports of discontent among their ranks, especially those that involve union president Derek Fisher and NBPA head Billy Hunter. Mason said the players remain unified on all core issues.