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NBA Lockout Talks End With Ultimatum From David Stern

NBA lockout talks ended after eight hours on Saturday with commissioner David Stern announcing that players had until Wednesday to agree to a deal that, in his words, could offer up to 51 percent of revenue. If they do not accept the proposal, the NBA will pull it off the table and offer just a 47 percent share of revenue for players going forward.

The players' union did not respond kindly to the ultimatum. Jeffrey Kessler, the union's outside counsel, told reporters that that league's offer would really offer up to just 50.2 percent of revenue, and forcefully said that the union would not be intimidated by Stern's threat. Derek Fisher, the president of the union, also indicated distaste at Stern's ultimatum.

Players moved down to a 51 percent revenue share from 52.5, but Fisher told reporters that Stern and the owners never responded to that proposal. Players made 57 percent under the last deal.

Stay tuned for more reaction from the latest breakdown.