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NBA Lockout: No Wiggle Room Left In Owners' Offer, Says David Stern

David Stern does not seem terribly interested in negotiating the NBA lockout deal he left on the table last weekend. The commissioner appeared in an interview with NBA TV's David Aldridge shortly after the players' union indicated its interest in meeting Wednesday to hammer out a deal on the league's economic terms. Aldridge asked if Stern had any more wiggle room on the salary cap system changes that players oppose. Stern's response was careful, but not exactly hope-inspiring.

"As of Sunday morning at 3 in the morning there was none left," Stern said.

Stern went on to say that he would take union director Billy Hunter's call out of respect, but that the league's labor relations committee dictates whether the system changes can be modified. Stern and Hunter negotiated the last two collective bargaining agreements in one-on-one meetings, for what it's worth.

Stern has set a 5 p.m. ET Wednesday for the union to accept the league's offer before it becomes a much tougher version.