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NBA Lockout Could End With 'Slight Budge' To Current Proposal

The NBA lockout is facing yet another deadline Wednesday evening. Unlike the umpteenth other deadlines seen during this impasse, however, it seems as though David Stern has the ability to end it all without drastically altering anything.

That's at least the indication being given to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, anyway.

"There can be a few things tweaked along the edges, the periphery and this can be agreed upon," one ownership source told Yahoo! Sports. "I'm confident that would not be an issue if [Stern] did that."

"It will be a very slight budge," one high-ranking management source said.

Seeing as the news is coming from ownership sources and management sources are certainly positive. There are more than a handful of NBA owners hoping to wait until they can get a better deal (including Michael Jordan), but hopefully there are enough thinking along the lines of Wojnarowski's sources and a deal is able to be made -- as his "ownership source" said later in the story.

"But there's not enough of [the hardline owners]. Most are not thrilled with current deal, but would take it. But as time goes on and more losses pile up, a majority will need more than the 50-50 deal."

Considering the players probably won't go any lower on their current concessions, it would make sense to make the slight tweaksto ensure an NBA season rather than risk whatever might happen otherwise.