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Lakers Vs. Celtics: Ray Allen Goes For Three Point Record Against Rivals

Tonight's game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics is the first NBA game in a post-Jerry Sloan basketball world, and one of the few with enough storylines to momentarily overshadow Sloan's exit.

Ray Allen enters the night only two three-pointers short of breaking Reggie Miller's all-time career record -- and Miller will be serving as a TNT commentator at TD Garden. The Celtics sniper has 2,559 treys in his career, 83 of them coming against the Lakers.

This is also the first Lakers game since reports broke of L.A.'s interest in a trade for Carmelo Anthony.

And, oh yeah, it's the NBA's flagship rivalry, pitting two NBA Finals contenders loaded with star players. There's always that. The Celtics are 23-4 at home this year, but the Lakers have won three of their last four since losing to Boston, and that only loss was a one-pointer to the mighty San Antonio Spurs.

Silver Screen And Roll says this is as big as regular season games get, while Celtics Blog declares Boston's other NBA rivalries minor by comparison.

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