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Miami Has Minor Uniform Update, And Reminds You Florida Is Afraid

Kirby Hocutt, Athletic Director at the University of Miami, wants to let everyone know that there will be no new uniforms until 2012, and that Florida still doesn’t want to play Miami even though Miami stands ready for the challenge. This has nothing to do with the uniforms or any actual negotiations between the two schools, but it’s always good to remind everyone that you’re willing to step up to a hypothetical challenge the other party won’t even consider.

It’s the press conference equivalent of saying something obviously while coughing, like “COUGH COUGH [ florida is afraid of us ] COUGH I’m sorry what was I saying?” or by saying something like “That girl who turned me down for a date is just afraid she’ll love me too much, and that’s why she said no.” By the way, as of this commentary this is the 843rd straight day the Georgia Lottery has refused to name me a winner because they’re terrified of how awesome I’d make everything in the state if I got the money.