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Dale Earnhardt's Crash At Daytona: Remembering The Intimidator

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I never met Dale Earnhardt, never saw him race in person and knew more about him after he died than I did while he lived.

As a college student, I can distinctly remember Feb. 18, 2001. I was sitting in the offices of the school newspaper, and one of my fellow writers suddenly started crying.

The news had just broken: Dale Earnhardt was dead.

It was somewhat of a mystery to me, as I wasn't a NASCAR fan at the time. I'm a more recent follower of the sport, so I can't pretend I know or understand what loyal, devoted followers of the sport went through that day – and Earnhardt fans in particular.

So instead of filling this space with a tribute of my own, I think it would be better served as a place for you to share your memories.

Using the comments section below, feel free to write anything you want about the man they called "The Intimidator."

What were you doing 10 years ago today when you found out he died? How did you react in the days following the accident? What are your favorite memories of his career? What do you think is Earnhardt's legacy?

Leave your tribute below.