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NCAA Bracket 2011 Preview: East Region Teams Headlined By No. 1 Ohio State

The March Madness 2011 bracket has officially arrived for this year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  You can see our printable NCAA 2011 bracket here for all your office pool needs. Following the Selection Show, we will preview all 16 teams in the East region of the bracket, where Ohio State is the one-seed (and the Buckeyes earned the No. 1 overall seed, as well).

Before we take a closer look at each team in the region, here is the schedule for the first-round match-ups, which will be played on Thursday and Friday:

No. 1 Ohio State vs. No. 16 Texas-SA/Alabama State

No. 8 George Mason vs. No. 9 Villanova

No. 5 WVU vs. No. 12 UAB/Clemson

No. 4 Kentucky vs. No. 13 Princeton

No. 2 UNC vs. No. 15 Long Island

No. 7 Washington vs. No. 10 Georgia.

No. 3 Syracuse vs.No. 14 Indiana State

No. 8 Xavier vs. No. 11 Marquette