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NCAA Bracket Preview, Predictions: Clemson Vs. UAB In First Four Game

If you know any Colorado Buffaloes fans, you may want to steer them away from the TV during the 2011 NCAA Tournament's second first-four play-in game, which features the Clemson Tigers and UAB Blazers. More than any other seedings, the inclusion of Clemson and UAB have drawn spite, ire, and spittle from bracketologists and commentators, especially since Colorado, Virginia Tech, and Alabama couldn't make the cut.

And they're playing each other! It's almost like the selection committee set up the two unwitting heels to play each other, dominating TV ratings in Boulder, Blacksburg, and Tuscaloosa.

The winning team gets the No. 12 seed and takes on the No. 5 West Virginia Mountaineers. For some reason the East region has two play-in games. What does it all mean? What does it all mean?

Star Watch: Demontez Stitt came up huge for Clemson in the ACC tournament, scoring 45 points in two games. He's backed up by six-foot-eight forward Jerai Grant, who grabs 6.7 boards per game. Green could have a tough time with Cameron Moore, a 14-time double-digit rebounder this season. Jamarr Sanders leads the Blazers with 17.7 points per game.

Prediction: Clemson, a team that Ken Pomeroy's numbers adore, sheepishly tops UAB and slips quietly into the field of 64, hoping nobody notices. 

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