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Report: Six Miami Hurricanes, Including Seantrel Henderson, Suspended For 2011 Opener

One of the only remotely entertaining ACC football games slated for college football's 2011 opening weekend just got snoozier: NBC Miami is reporting that six Hurricanes will miss the season kickoff against Maryland thanks to the ever-popular and ever-nebulous "violation of team rules." In the doghouse are blue-chip prima donna Seantrel Henderson, and lesser luminaries Kevin Cain, Devont'a Davis, Dyron Dye, Keion Payne, and Storm Johnson.*

The university has refused to comment on any of the players' statuses. We spoke to one of SB Nation's Miami bloggers, who doesn't expect to learn more before September:

The school won't confirm. Our sportscaster says it was confirmed to him by two sources; until injury report or kickoff I suspect that's as confirmed as it is ever going to get.

*Losing Henderson for a game is a blow, naturally, but any game that gives an announcer less reason to utter the name "Storm Johnson" is a loss for viewers on both sides. Storm Johnson!