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Kevin Kolb Trade Market And Who Might Be Interested

The Philadelphia Inquirer has reported that the Eagles have received an offer of a first round pick for QB Kevin Kolb, who is expected to be be QB Michael Vick's backup in 2011 -- if he's on the team. Many teams expect the Eagles to trade Kolb at some point and, if they do, the trade market is "more aggressive" than it was for QB Donovan McNabb last year.

We're not sure which teams are interested but Eagles president Joe Banner said they're probably the teams we think they are. It makes sense that three NFC West teams -- Seahawks, 49ers and Cardinals -- would have some interest. The Seahawks hold the 25th pick, so maybe they're the team that's offered a first round pick, while the 49ers and Cardinals both have top 10 picks.
"You can figure if there's a quarterback that a number of teams are interested in, you're going to end up with some meaningful compensation," Banner said Monday during a break in the NFL owners' meetings at a New Orleans hotel. "You can kind of figure out what that means and speculate from there. That's the situation we're in."
On the one hand, you think about trading Kolb because there's a market for him and he could potentially net a first round pick. On the other hand, you want to think about keeping him around because Vick's playing style may lead to an injury where a backup quarterback is necessary.

As with everything else right now, the terms of the current CBA are making things difficult. They can't trade Kolb until a new deal is worked out so they're in limbo at the moment. But it does appear they're open to listening to offers for him. Early predictions suggest he'll eventually be on his way out.

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