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Jimmer Fredette Is Not Concerned With Your Earthly 'Distances'

Jimmer Fredette is probably a human being, but most human beings don't hit pull-up jump shots when they're 30+ feet from the basket. In the NCAA tournament Sweet 16 game between Florida and BYU, Jimmer did just that. He's had a bit of an off night from behind the arc, but a big part of why BYU have been able to stay in their game against Florida to the very end is that he's made baskets when it mattered most. They're now in overtime, and Jimmer has 32 points through 40 minutes.

With five minutes remaining in the game, down by three points, Fredette pulled up and let loose, baffling everyone in the arena. He then further baffled everyone in the arena by draining it. Check out the video below the jump.

Jimmer by 3030fm

Damn Jimmer, you nasty.

Now that I watch that again, he might be even more than 30 feet from the basket. If his defender lays down with his toes at the three point line, his head is probably not to Jimmer's feet. That's a 32 footer. Crazy.