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The Animated GIFs Of Winter: Celebrating A Season Of Sports Misadventures

Winter is finally behind us, leaving countless GIFs of guys getting hit in the face and groin in its wake. Here, we revisit the best animated sports GIFs of the last few months.


Months ago, I compiled a list of the greatest animated GIFs produced by the world of sports in 2010. The first season of 2011 has passed since then, and I'd argue that Winter is sports' strangest season. It begins with the mad furor of bowls and NFL playoff games, and suddenly we look up and we're in the middle of February, and those of us who aren't inclined to watch mid-season basketball or hockey are rudderless. Before giving way to Spring, Winter roars back one last time to give us the first round of the NCAA Tournament, the rowdiest, most chaotic weekend that sports have to offer us.

We felt that it was appropriate to celebrate each season in animated GIF form, so I put together this list of the best animated GIFs that document sporting occurrences between December 21st, 2010, to March 20th, 2011. What is an animated GIF? Here is an animated GIF.


I was saddened to see that this is clearly taking place in warm weather, so I could not include it in the list proper, but I was determined to show this to you anyway. A few notes before we proceed:

  • I did my best to refrain from including images that were manipulated. Those are great and all, but for the most part, the GIFs you see here are are un-modified.
  • Just as I did with the last GIF list, I have spread this list across multiple pages. I did this because I am a horrible person and I hate you, but it's just as well, because including more than five or so animated GIFs per page could make your browser explode.
  • Sometimes, it can be really difficult to attribute a GIF to its original source. I tried to give credit to these GIFs whenever I could. If you see an uncredited GIF here and know who made it, please let me know.

One more thing: a lot of these GIFs were brought to us by @bubbaprog and @jose3030. If you've ever watched a game and wished you instantly had a screenshot, GIF, or video of a particular moment, you need to follow these dudes, because they're your best bet. Bubbaprog's site is here, and Jose's is here.


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Best Animated GIFs of 2010