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Introducing ... Baseball Nation

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Hi. Welcome to Baseball Nation. We're going to keep giving you what we've been giving you, only more.

I'm particularly excited about the Hot Corner, your source for everything pithy or snarky or witty or wittily informative or off-the-freaking-wall that we can think of. To that end, I'm thrilled to welcome the brilliantly talented Jason Brannon and Carson Cistulli to the team, and they won't be alone; next week, Baseball Nation will introduce you to one of the best baseball writers on the planet.

We'll also do better than ever, in this new space, when it comes to highlighting the best work from SB Nation's baseball family ... including you. This thing just isn't going to work without you, and so we're eager to see what you can bring to the comments, the FanPosts, and the FanShots.

Seriously (for the moment) ... We're all in this thing together. Tell us what we're doing right, tell us what we're doing wrong, and ... just tell us whatever's on your mind. We are you. You are us. We live in a brave new world.