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Virgil Green NFL Draft Scouting Report

Virgil Green
Height: 6’3’’ | Weight: 249 | Nevada

Agility: There may not be a more fluid tight end in the 2011 draft class.  Green has quick and seamless motions that allow him create separation.  He possesses the coordination to change his pad level and make the difficult catches.  His explosion off the football helps him get into his routes quickly.  Green's athletic ability makes him a real threat in the passing game.

Blocking: Green lacks the ideal bulk and strength to be an effective blocker in the NFL.  He has a thin lower half which impacts his ability to anchor after contact.  In the running game, he is unable to generate enough power with his legs to move defenders off the line.  Green has light hands which makes it easy for the defender to disengage and pursue the football.  However, he does a good job keeping his pad level low and getting inside hands which gives him a fighting chance.

Hands: Green is a natural pass catcher and consistently plucks the ball out of the air.  He does a great job of getting the ball at its highest point.  Green is a reliable target that rarely drops the football.

Release: Even tough he is often on the line, he wasn't challenged by defenders trying to knock him off his route.  He was often able to release without contact and freely get into his routes.  This will not be the case in the NFL as both linebackers and defensive ends will be looking to disrupt his timing.  However, Green has the suddenness to avoid contact and quickly get back on his route.  What teams need to worry about is his lack of upper body power which will limit his ability to disengage.

Route Running: While at Nevada, Green was an instrumental part of the passing game.  He was asked to run many different patterns including streaks down the seam.  The Nevada coaches utilized his speed and quickness putting him in position to get the ball in space.  However, Green will need to work on his balance and route running abilities.  To often, Green needed to gear down in order to cleanly break off his route.  When he attempted to make a cut at full speed his routes rounded into the defender.  Green has the awareness necessary to properly find and sit down in the open zones.  He is also able to quickly snap his head around and locate the football.  Green's lack of bulk made it difficult for him to use his body to block out the defender.

Size: At 6'4 249 lbs, Green lacks the ideal size for the tight end position.  On the field, he looks smaller than those numbers suggest and is thin through the hips and waste.  His slim lower half impacts his ability to contribute in the blocking game as he struggles to anchor and push defenders off the line.

Final Word: Green will likely be limited to passing situations but has the athletic ability to threaten the defense.  His limited ability as a blocker will keep him off the field on the majority of running situations.  However, he would be a nice fit for a team looking to stretch the field and threaten the seam.  He is going to need time to develop his route running ability but his upside is very high.