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2011 NFL Draft Middle Linebacker Rankings: Kadar vs Dove

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Pro days workouts are over, so it's time to finalize positional rankings. One of the most intriguing thing about the NFL Draft process is that each person values prospects differently. For NFL talent evaluators and draft analysts alike, the rankings at the top look similar, but opinions vary on mid-level players.

Here at Mocking the Draft we wanted to show you how our opinions differ.  Dan Kadar and Jon Dove are breaking down each position giving you their top 10 in each. Make sure to check out our scouting report page to get full reports on some of the prospects.  Also don't hesitate to leave some feedback about our rankings or maybe even your own.

The middle linebacker position is lacking a elite prospect but there are a few that can help out a team.  However, this position is not very deep and is unlikely to produce any true stars.  The 2nd round looks like the landing spot for several of the prospects with the possibility of 4 coming off the board.

Dan and I see eye to eye on many of these prospects as our rankings are pretty similar.  However, Dan is really high on Greg Jones and has him ranked in the #2 slot.  I have real concerns about Jones' ability to consistently make tackles in the NFL and thus have him ranked towards the bottom of my list.  A real sleeper on this list might be Akeem Dent as he has some good upside.

Rank Dan Kadar's Rankings Jon Dove's Rankings
1 Martez Wilson Mason Foster
2 Greg Jones Martez Wilson
3 Nate Irving Colin McCarthy
4 Quan Sturdivant Casey Matthews
5 Kelvin Sheppard Kelvin Sheppard
6 Mike Mohamed Nate Irving
7 Akeem Dent Akeem Dent
8 Casey Matthews Greg Jones
9 Chris White Elijah Joseph
10 Scott Lutrus Mike Mohamed