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Broncos DE Jason Hunter Stabbed, According To Report

It was less than a week ago that former Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall was stabbed, allegedly by his wife. On Wednesday news is coming out of another player stabbed.

A Detroit TV station reports Denver Broncos DE Jason Hunter was stabbed in his left shoulder on Wednesday morning. 7 Action News reports he was driven to the hospital but would not say where the stabbing took place.

Detroit police did take Hunter's girlfriend into custody and told Action News that she was facing charges including felonious assault. Investigators later said the woman would not be arraigned on the charges because Hunter does not want to pursue the matter.    

So we don't know who stabbed him, where it took place or what the status of his condition is. 

It's unclear whether the Broncos will be able to contact him. The Dolphins were restricted last week in what kind of contact they could have with Marshall because of the lockout. At this point, though, the lockout has been lifted.

The Broncos had no comment, according to the report. 

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