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UEFA Open Disciplinary Case Against Sergio Busquets

In the wake of Barcelona and Real Madrid's Champions League semifinal, Madrid leveled a serious allegation against Barca player Sergio Busquets. According to the club, and the video they released (below), Busquets used a racial taunt against Marcelo, calling him a "mono" twice. Mono is Spanish for monkey.



There was quite an outcry against Busquets immediately following Madrid's allegations and in the time that had passed, it started to seem like UEFA was going to ignore the incident, at least until today.

In a brief release made on their website, UEFA announced they have opened a disciplinary case against Busquets.

UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against FC Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets, who is alleged to have violated Article 11 bis of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations by directing racist abuse towards a Real Madrid CF player in the UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg between the clubs on 27 April.

According to the release, UEFA's UEFA Control and Disciplinary Body will address the case on Sunday, May 15th and communicate it's decision to the club on Monday, May 16th.