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Indy 500: Weather Delays Continue As Qualifying Nears

As the rain continues to fall at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, drivers are beginning to get restless while waiting for some semblance of clear skies to come. Practice sessions have been almost completely washed-out, leaving drivers little time to get familiar with the track before Saturday's qualifying session and Sunday's bump day. With just one session to go until Fast Friday, the final practice day before qualifying, drivers are crossing their fingers and hoping for a sunny Thursday.

The weather has teams and drivers worried about the missed practice time. The lack of practice time could make the weekend's qualifying sessions all the more interesting as rookies fly blind while racing at speeds well above 220 miles per hour.

"For some, two days won't be enough to make up for lost time with as many as 41 cars vying for 33 spots.  “This is going to be a tragic bump day,” Beatriz said. “I like Indianapolis a lot. I feel confident, but this place is tricky. You never know what is going to happen.

If the rain stays away, the field will be on the track at 12 p.m. EDT on Thursday for the start of a six hour practice session.

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