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Indy 500 Crash: Video Of Simona de Silvestro's Accident During Practice

Practice for the Indianapolis 500 is happening all week, but the one thing no driver wants to have happen came to pass today, when Simona de Silvestro's car got loose heading into a turn, went airborne, flipped, and eventually caught fire. SB Nation Indiana has the horrifying video of de Silvestro's crash, but also notes that she has apparently escaped serious injury.

De Silvestro, a 22-year-old Swiss driver, drives for HVM Racing and was the 2010 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year after placing 14th in that race. She has four career top-tens in the IndyCar Series.

Reuters reports that de Silvestro needed help to get out of her car, but was relatively unhurt.

De Silvestro was helped out of her car but walked to the ambulance unassisted. She was examined at the track medical facilities and transported to a nearby hospital with reported second degree burns to her right hand.

We'll have updates on de Silvestro's condition and much more Indianapolis 500 news in this StorySteam.