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Hermes Franca Arrested On Charges Of Sexual Abuse

Jiu-jitsu black belt and former UFC lightweight contender Hermes Franca has landed himself in trouble with Oregon law enforcement authorities. Details are still scant, but the combat sports competitor faces multiple felony counts and significant jail time if convicted. has the report:

Veteran lightweight and former Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor Hermes Franca has been arrested in Oregon on alleged charges of sexual abuse.

Franca, 36, previously resided in the state and operated Team Hermes Franca Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Clackamas, Ore. The fighter allegedly flew to Oregon on Monday from Florida, where he now resides, and turned himself in to Clackamas County Jail on seven counts of sexual abuse in the first degree and two counts of unlawful sexual penetration in the second degree.

Franca was originally scheduled to face fellow UFC-alumnus Drew Fickett for the Maximum Fighting Championship lightweight belt on June 10th. He has since been released from the organization: