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Indy 500 Qualifying: Danica Patrick Will Be In Field At The Brickyard

Entering Sunday's "Bump Day" of Indy 500 qualifying, the biggest question involved the IndyCar Series' most polarizing driver: would Danica Patrick qualify for the 2011 Indianapolis 500?

It turns out that the answer is yes, if barely. Patrick snuck into the back of the field with a late run, and will be a part of the series' highest-profile race.

Danica Patrick qualifies 26th with average of 224.861. Alex Lloyd bumped. Danica's teammate Marco Andretti on the bubble.

Patrick has routinely been the series' link to the casual fan, as arguably the most accomplished female driver in motorsports history. Patrick has four top-ten finishes at the Indy 500, and her career best, a third place finish, came in 2009.

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