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AC Milan Will Only Offer One-Year Contracts To Players Over 30

In the wake of the announcement that Andrea Pirlo will no longer play for the rossoneri, the club have further clarified their policy: AC Milan will now only offer one-year contract extensions to players over the age of thirty. Pirlo, 32, had been with Milan for over ten years, and is now believed to be headed to Juventus on a three-year deal. Milan weren't able to convince Pirlo to stay with such a short extension, but they have nailed down Pippo Inzaghi (37), Mark van Bommel (34) and Alessandro Nesta (35). Next up -- convincing Clarence Seedorf (35) to stay another year.

At first glance, this seems like a good piece of business. You have to wonder, though, what would have happened had Udinese only offered a one-year extension to Antonio DiNatale when he hit the magical thirty-year mark. Would have have gone on to Juventus (an offer he turned down) and scored his 28 goals for the Old Lady? Would it be Juve taking the fourth Champions League position rather than Udinese?