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Indy 500 Final Results Declared Official After Dan Wheldon's Pass Reviewed

Dan Wheldon appeared for all the world to have passed rookie J.R. Hildebrand and won the 2011 Indianapolis 500, but hold the phone, friends. Race officials deliberated for about an hour on whether Wheldon had passed Hildebrand after the yellow caution light went on around the track, eventually concluding that the pass was made in time.

If Wheldon hadn't passed before the caution, Hildebrand would've wound up with the victory, as a yellow flag would've locked in the order of drivers for what would've been the very brief remainder of the race.

About the only way this Indy 500 finish could've gotten any wilder would've been if Hildebrand had somehow ended up with the checkered flag -- quite a few people would like to see him get to celebrate after coming so close. But it looks like Wheldon won't have to return his victory milk, which is among the most upsetting rituals in all of sports.

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