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The Animated GIFs Of April, Here To Remind Us That Sports Are Silly


In January, with the help of readers, I constructed a list of the greatest animated GIFs brought to us in the world of sports in 2010. I followed this up with a Winter 2011 animated GIFs list, but something was sorely missing. That something was baseball, the greatest and goofiest sport in existence.

Baseball has returned home to us, and in its satchel it has packed a wealth of miscues. Its arrival in April makes April, which also boasts the NBA and NHL Playoffs, perhaps the best sporting month of the year. We look over here and see Kevin Durant's reverse layup, and we look over there and see Starlin Castro get hit in the face with a baseball.

This time around, I have arranged 20 sets of power rankings, one for each GIF on the list. These power rankings address all sorts of matters, some of them sports-related, but most of them not sports-related at all. These were achieved from an algorithm of logical procedures. If you take issue with them, you are taking issue with the scientific method. I'll leave it at that.

A few notes before proceeding:

  • These GIFs depict events that took place from March 23, 2011 to April 30, 2011. I included the final week or so of March because it wasn't covered in my Winter GIFs list. As such, you'll see a couple of GIFs from the NCAA Tournament.
  • As usual, I have divided the list into pages of five GIFs apiece. I did this so that your browser wouldn't lock up from too many animations at one, but I really did this because I want to inconvenience you because I am a jerk.
  • I made none of these GIFs myself, but I have given credit to the creators to the best of my ability. If you made the GIF and aren't credited here, please let me know.
  • As always, many of these GIFs come from two gentleman: @bubbaprog and @jose3030. If you like what you see here, you will definitely want to follow these dudes.


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