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Boise State Faces NCAA Inquiry, Institutional Control Allegations

There's really nothing more enjoyable in the offseason than a good hot mess of ridiculously overblown NCAA violations, is there? This May, with camps winding down and spring games dwindling, we turn to Boise State for entertainment, and they do not disappoint: The Broncos have been slapped with the dreaded "lack of institutional control" label for 22 violations in three sports over a span of five years (or, as CBS' Bryan Fischer quips, less than Ohio State averages in a single season).

The official university athletics website has the full text of the NCAA inquiry and the university's response, but just to get to the point as it pertains to football: The secondary violations involved summer housing being arranged for athletes so they could continue to participate in on-campus workouts with teammates, with the out-of-towners bunking in extra bedrooms and on couches, for a grand total of just under $80 (that's eighty dollars) worth of extra benefits for each of 63 players. No, for real, that's it. Amateur statuses, being endangered all over the place! Additional major violations on the part of the tennis program are what earns the university the institutional control smackdown, but parsing the statement from BSU president Bob Kustra, you get the feeling he's rolling his eyes a litle:

"We are deeply committed to following all NCAA rules and to ensuring that our athletic department works diligently so that our procedures reflect the highest standard," Kustra said. "I am disappointed that we face these allegations. It is unacceptable, and the athletic department staff understand and agree with my position."

Sure, it sounds like an apology, but seriously, Bob: We're disappointed, too. Just not in your football program.  University officials will meet NCAA lawmen in Indianapolis next month to plead their case; we suggest they all pack kazoos.

For more on Boise State's lawless tennis program and selfishly workout-hungry football players, visit SB Nation's OBNUG, where you will find Broncos fans understandably exasperated but in good humor.