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2011 NCAA Lacrosse Championship, Virginia vs. Maryland: Lazy Announcer Bingo Card

The Virginia Cavaliers (12-5) are about to take on the Maryland Terrapins (13-4) for the 2011 NCAA Lacrosse National Title at 3:30 p.m. EST in M&T Stadium in Baltimore. The game will be televised on ESPN where Sean McDonough, Quint Kessenich & Eamon McAnaney will announce the game.

Since this is the one game of the year most likely to pull in casual viewers of the sport, you can bet that that trio is going to have their bag of tricks ready to keep you up-to-speed and in the know. That means, hardcore lacrosse fans, you're just going to have to grin and bear it as you hear bits of information and kernels on each notable team, player and coach that you've heard ad nauseum all season long.

The least you can do is have some fun with it. And so, I give you your Lazy Announcer Bingo Card for the 2011 NCAA Lacrosse National Championship Game:


First one to say BINGO! wins. What you win...I have no idea.

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