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Ultimate Frisbee Trick Shot Bros Are Ultimate, Bros

Trick shot videos are now in the stage that bad fast-food restaurants and the last iterations of a popular television concept are in: the late-stage mutation phase. Examples of this are:

  • The combination standalone Del Taco/Pizza Hut restaurant
  • CSI: Gary, Indiana
  • Law and Order, Special Torts Unit
  • P90XMen 5: Maury's Best Mutant Paternity Reveals
  • The Fresh Prince of Del Taco (unsold pilot, but it was an idea.) 
  • So yes, that is a trick shot video after the jump, but points for originality to these University of Florida students for being ultimate frisbee bros getting ultimate, bros. Is that a live alligator's mouth he's throwing a frisbee into? Probably not, but you can't stop us from believing it nonetheless. It's Florida, and this is completely possible.

    You should also note the names of the gentlemen responsible for this video in the description:

    Thans to Philthy, Thatch, Derulo, Freeze, Jizzy, Alex, and Snacks for helping make this video happen.

    Which one is the future governor of Florida? You might think it's Jizzy or Freeze, but you're wrong. It's Snacks. (HT: Michael A.)