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Kentucky Derby 2011 Contenders: Nehro, The Procrastinator's Pick

The 137th running of the Kentucky Derby will take place this Saturday, and you probably don't know anything about any of the horses. We are here to help. Today's contender is Nehro.

Name: Nehro. The procrastinator's choice in this Derby, as he's coming off back-to-back second place finishes in the Louisiana and Arkansas Derbies earned with furious late rushes. No, you don't have work to do. Nehro thinks you can chill for a while, and just read this preview. You've got time. Rushing around in life will kill you, man.

Description: Another progeny of Mineshaft, Nehro is a late charger who really might be the horse most poised to benefit from the extra quarter mile of track Churchill Downs will put in front of him. He really should get around to telling you more about his racing, but...hey, did you see this New York Times article about his owner, Ahmed Zayat? Man, he sounds crazy! Betting like six figures at a time? And lending money to Vegas gamblers? Pretty extreme guy, that fella. Hey,  Nehro has to make a phone call, but lemme read this Wikipedia article first...

/spends three hours reading the Wiki entry on the Wu-Tang clan

/talks to best friend on cellphone on company time for 45 minutes

Oh, wait, where was he....oh, he has a race to win, and he could do it but HOW DID NEHRO GET THIS FAR BEHIND? The internet's terrible like that sometimes. Before he forgets to tell you this and skips out of work early to procrastinate at home: Nehro will have to admit to having raced a lot (three races in six weeks leading up to the Derby,) being relatively inexperienced, and quite possibly cramming a lot of racing development into a small span of time.

With that being said, Nehro might very well be what many experienced procrastinators tend to be: excellent in the clutch, and devastating down the stretch. Steve Haskin calls him "a wiseguy's horse," and we think that means he's an insider's pick (or is in the Mafia, which horses would be good at because they cannot talk.) 

Likes: The internet, video games, relaxing, spending time "planning" things to do "sometime, you know, like in the future."

Dislikes: Hassling bosses, "schedule freaks," stress.

Current Odds: 1/6

Celebrity Lookalike: Dr. Dre. (Detox! Coming out any day now, right?)