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Team Russia Head Coach Not Exactly On Alex Semin's Bandwagon

It's customary this time of year. After your team is eliminated from the NHL playoffs, if you're a player worthy of national team play and you're not too beat up, you go represent your country in the IIHF World Championships.

You'd consider Alexander Semin of the Washington Capitals a star in the NHL of course, even if he's a bit enigmatic and even if his long-term future is in doubt with the Caps thanks in part to play that can appear lazy and full of disinterest at times. (The Caps signed him this past season, but only to a one-year deal. He's an unrestricted free agent next summer.)

So while his teammate Alex Ovechkin will head to Slovakia to join team Russia in the Worlds, does Semin have an invite from head coach Slava Bykov?

Via Dmitry Chesnokov of Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy and Sovetsky Sport:

RUS Coach Bykov to SovSport: "We won't invite Semin under any circumstances. His play in the last Washington game was very weak." Ouch!