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Tom Brady Joins New England Patriots For Workouts During NFL Lockout

Tom Brady has been spending most of the offseason working out on his own in Los Angeles but he's returning to the New England area this week and will round up his teammates for a few workout sessions, according to Mike Reiss of

Reiss reports Brady, who is in town for charitable events this weekend, is spearheading the workout sessions and has apparently seen his teammates respond. Some players, like TE Rob Gronkowski and WR Brandon Tate, have already been in the New England area so it's not a big deal but others, like WR Julian Edelman, are flying across the country.

It's not clear how much work actually gets done at these player-only workouts but I do think there's value in quarterbacks and receivers throwing the ball and establishing a rhythm with each other. By this point in a normal offseason, OTAs would be about halfway over so Brady and Co. are missing out on work they would normally do.

What also makes Brady's attendance noteworthy -- other than the fact it's THE Tom Brady -- is that his name appears on the lawsuit between the players and owners. 

We'll see if Brady's attendance helps the Patriots in the 2011 season...well, if there is a 2011 season.