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Dallas Stars Set To Name Glen Gulutzan Head Coach

It appears as though the Dallas Stars have ended their coaching search. According to multiple reports, from TSN to the Dallas Morning News, the organization will promote Texas Stars head coach Glen Gulutzan from his AHL gig to a bigger, better, higher-paying one behind the NHL bench. 

He automatically vaults to the top of the list when it comes to frequently misspelled names of coaches. Gulutzan has had plenty of success in the AHL, although his Texas Stars lost in the first round of the Calder Cup Playoffs this past season. In 2009-10, his first year at the helm there, Gulutzan launched his team to a Western Conference Championship before falling to Hershey in the Finals. 

Here's what our Stars blog, Defending Big D, had to say about the reported news.

There will be a great deal of talk about the style of play because Gulutzan's Texas Stars were known as a defense first team that worked from the goaltender out and tried to win low scoring games, but those in Cedar Park say he was working with what he had that first year, and that talent was geared toward defense.

With more offensive tools at his disposal he'll be able to guide the Stars toward Joe Nieuwendyk's vision for up-tempo hockey while providing the structure needed to be sound defensively, which he's been practicing at the AHL level so successfully.

Be sure to read more at DBD, where they have the entire story covered.