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Iowa State RB Duran Hollis Suspended Following Controlled Substance Charge

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Iowa State running back Duran Hollis has been suspended from the team indefinitely after being charged with possession of a controlled substance. Hollis, a redshirt freshman, has yet to play for the Cyclones and was part of a group of backs vying for playing time in the Iowa State backfield. Hollis was hit with the possession charge on Monday, and just a few days later Iowa State decided to suspend him for a yet unknown amount of time.

The official word for the athletic department indicates Hollis violated a team rule with the controlled substance charge.

According to athletic department spokesperson Tom Kroeschell, Hollis has been "suspended indefinitely for violations of team rules."

Indefinite suspensions are a common phenomenon during the college football offseason, and Hollis could be reinstated tomorrow, before the season begins or never. It's always a mystery. But with no real football activities going on, Hollis won't be missing much until training camp opens toward the end of summer.

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