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John Wall 'Throws' First Pitch, Should Probably Stick To Basketball

You know those natural athletes that can pick up a sport effortless? John Wall is not one of those athletes -- not by a long-shot. Wall is an outstanding basketball player; you'd think his grace and agility would transfer to other arenas of sport. But when he agreed to throw the first pitch out at Friday's Washington Nationals game, he revealed a dirty secret to the world: He has no idea how to throw a baseball.

No, really, I'm not kidding. No idea how to throw a baseball at all.

Wall looked like your average person attempting to throw the ball with their off-hand. In fact, I'm wondering if Wall throws left-handed and was just trying it the other way for giggles. Either way, the Wizards point guard ended up doing what we like to call the "lawn dart" while throwing the ball about 15 feet. He was nearly credited with a wild pitch for his efforts.

In other words: where can he sign on the dotted line for the Nationals?