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Nevada WR Brandon Wimberly Shot, In Serious Condition After Late-Night Altercation

Nevada wide receiver Brandon Wimberly was shot following a late-night altercation in Reno. Wimberly and a few of his Nevada teammates were involved in an argument with another group and as the other party got into a car, shots rang out. Wimberly was shot in the abdomen and transported to the hospital, where he remains in serious condition. While the gunshot wounds are not life-threatening, they are career-threatening and the odds are that he will never play football again.

Nevada head coach Chris Ault released a statement after meeting with Wimberly at the hospital on Saturday. The Reno police are investigating the incident and the Nevada players involved intend to cooperate to the fullest extent. Earlier reports suggested the players involved were uncooperative and police were having a hard time gleaning information.

"I have visited with Brandon and the doctor who performed his surgery. Although his condition is serious, he is very fortunate. I have met with the players who were involved. They have no idea who shot Brandon and have every intention of being cooperative with the Reno Police Department. My biggest concern is the health and welfare of Brandon."

Following the initial confrontation, Wimberly reportedly approached the car the shooters had entered. As he approached the car, he was shot. There's been no word on where the investigation stands as of now, other than police saying neither party has been cooperative.

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