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The Best Animated Sports GIFs Of May: A Complete Waste Of Your Time

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When May began, there was baseball, the NBA Playoffs, and the NHL Playoffs. May is over, and all of these things are still here. Congratulations, everyone. We have accomplished absolutely nothing, and here are the GIFs to prove it.


Thanks once again, friends, for joining me on another adventure through animated GIFs from the world of sports. Remember a month ago, when we had yet to conclude the NBA and NHL playoffs? Well, we're still sort of getting around to wrapping those up.

Shaq is officially not playing basketball after a month of switching between not playing basketball and barely playing basketball. Jim Tressel is now coaching zero games for Ohio State, which is the same number of games he was coaching a month ago.

We may as well be honest with you: we -- meaning, sports -- have accomplished absolutely nothing. You have been going to your job, if you are fortunate enough to have one. Meanwhile, we have been sitting on our asses, getting up occasionally only for the purpose of hitting each other in the groin, shooting pucks at each other's faces, or just sort of flailing our arms around.

We have done nothing to deserve your attention. Go away/here are GIFs!

A few notes before we get started:

  • All 20 of these animated GIFs depict moments that occurred during the month of May, 2011. I chose to limit the candidates to un-doctored images.
  • As usual, I've split the list up into four pages, so as not to make your web browser explode.
  • Once again, if you enjoy GIFs, videos, etc., of sporting occurrences mere minutes after they happen, you need to follow @bubbaprog and @jose3030.


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