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Louisville Football Cornerback Darius Ashley Picks Up Second DUI

One DUI might be written off as a silly mistake made by a young man who showed poor judgment, but two DUIs in three months is a pattern and indicative of consistent poor decision making. Add in the fact that the person in question was twice the legal limit on both occasions, and it's obvious that there's a problem. Add in the fact that the person in question hit a cop car as a part of the second DUI, and it becomes obvious that this person is a bonehead. Louisville Cardinals football cornerback Darius Ashley, you have the floor.

Louisville cornerback Darius Ashley picked up his second DUI in seven months after he rear-ended a police officer's car at Second and West Chestnut streets early Saturday morning.

His blood-alcohol level was 0.186 percent, more than twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent. Ashley was also arrested in December after police said he was found drunk and passed out in a restaurant drive-through.

I knew there was a problem here when I heard multiple stories about him being highly intoxicated at a bar the weekend after his first DUI. He was suspended at that point in time.    

The Courier-Journal of Kentucky has some more information on the situation. After losing both of their starting cornerbacks to graduation, Ashley was expected to be the starter this year. After picking up two DUIs and hitting a cop car, something tells me that Ashley's starting spot is in jeopardy.

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