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Jaromir Jagr Rumors Suggest Pittsburgh Penguins Could Sign Him Wednesday

Jaromir Jagr could be back with the Pittsburgh Penguins, and it appears as though we'll know as soon as Wednesday whether or not that will be become a reality. The Czech star who won two Stanley Cups in Pittsburgh early in his career and had his best years with the Penguins, has been offered a contract by the team and as en route to the United States.

He will make his decision upon landing, according to Rob Rossi of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Rossi also reported that it's a one-year deal for about $2 million.

Jagr played the best years of his career in Pittsburgh, including the first 11 of his career. He won those two aforementioned Cups with the Penguins, and he also won the Hart Trophy with the team in 1999. His departure from the team in 2001 was awkward and led to a trade with the Washington Capitals.

SB Nation's Pensburgh hopes that Jagr's return could fix some of that legacy.

The Pens have talked to him and his agent a ton lately, Mario Lemieux has weighed in, now we will see what Jagr wants. He's always been a man to march to the beat of his own drum, and the ball is truly in his court. Does he want to return to Pittsburgh, right some wrongs and finish his career in a storybook manner? He has that option, in the next 24 hours we'll probably learn if he'll take it.