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Boise State Football Loses DB Malcolm Holland To Los Angeles Dodgers

Malcolm Holland might have had one of the shortest college football careers in history -- so fast, in fact, that his bio never showed up on the Boise State football page. Holland, a defensive back, signed after National Signing Day and will never play on the blue turf because he's decided to play on the diamond instead.

Apparently, the Broncos balked at allowing Holland to play baseball in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization in the summer.

"That's what I wanted to do. That's what the plan was. I talked to the Dodgers and they were fine with it," Holland said. "Boise wanted me to play one sport."

That's not an entirely incomprehensible decision, given that the Dodgers are willing to hand Holland $160,000 to sign a contract.

It's not clear that this is a huge loss for the Broncos. Boise signed five defensive backs this year, including some three-star players, according to Rivals, which lists Holland as a two-star.