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USC RB Marc Tyler Facing Conduct Board For Two Off-Field Incidents Involving Alcohol

USC running back Marc Tyler is awaiting word from the school's Office of Student Judicial Affairs after two off-field incidents involving female students. Tyler is accused of spiting on a female after her and a friend escorted him home on April 15 and inappropriately touching a female at a bar on April 28. Tyler acknowledged he was the party in question in both incidents, which were accompanied by a police report, and is now awaiting a decision from USC on his future.

The report comes from the LA Times, and describes the incidents in detail. Tyler acknowledged the spiting incident, but is challenging the sexual harassment incident. In a statement, he expressed regret for his actions.

"It would not be appropriate for me to comment while I await the result of the Student Affairs hearing except to say that I regret my actions, I have apologized to all parties and I have sought counseling both within and outside the university," Tyler said in a statement.

No matter how you slice it, this looks bad for Tyler. He's already accepted blame for the spiting incident, according to the report, and that alone leaves an unsavory feeling. If he's found responsible for the incident involving inappropriate touching, it's unknown what kind of punishment he'd face from both the school and USC football team.

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