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Bruins Vs. Canucks, Game 3: Boston Returns Home, Hopes To Get Back In Series

Through two games in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, the Boston Bruins find themselves down on the ground, flailing beneath the Vancouver Canucks, who have somehow come out on top in two games despite all of Boston's best efforts. It seems, if you're a Bruins fan, that your team just can't stack up with the apparently powerful Canucks.

But that's the one thing about home ice: it can change those fortunes in an instant. All it'll take the Bruins against the seemingly overpowering Canucks is back-to-back wins on home ice, and that starts on Monday night in Game 3 (8 p.m., Versus, CBC). 

Of course, Boston has been in this situation before in these playoffs. In the first round against the Montreal Canadiens, they fell behind 0-2 in the series before winning two games, tying the series and ultimately winning in seven. And those two back-to-back wins came on the road in Montreal, too.

And Vancouver's obviously been here before too, rolling to three straight wins over Chicago in Round 1 before losing three straight and squeaking out a Game 7 win in overtime. And based off of the first two games of this Stanley Cup Final, there's definitely the potential for the Bruins to quickly win two games over the Canucks and even this series. 

It'll take a continuation of a lot of the same things. Tim Thomas has to stay brilliant (and not getting owned by Alex Burrows will help, too) and the Bruins defense has to keep the pressure up on the Canucks forwards. They've done that well in Games 1 and 2 to unfortunate, heartbreaking results. You have to think that if it continues, Vancouver can't possibly win another one. ... Right? 

The Stanley Cup Finals are ongoing, as the Vancouver Canucks battle the Boston BruinsStick with this StoryStream for full coverage of Game 3. For coverage on the Finals, stick with our Stanley Cup Finals hub, our Canucks blog, Nucks Misconduct, and our Bruins blog, Stanley Cup of Chowder.