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Women's World Cup 2011 Quarterfinals, USA Vs. Brazil: Marta Scores In Extra Time

Unsurprisingly, Brazil has scored a goal to take the lead on the 10-woman United States in extra time. Also unsurprisingly, the goal was scored by Marta with an absolutely world class finish. And, also unsurprisingly for this game, the goal was not scored by completely legal means. Though Marta deserved her goal, as her finish was fantastic and she did nothing illegal, the referee has once again made a mistake.

The goal was assisted by Brazil's Maurine, who made an overlapping run to the byline on the left. Unfortunately for her, she was offsides when she was played the ball. Fortunately for her, the officials disagreed and she put in a cross that was brilliantly flicked into the back of the net by Marta.

Abby Wambach almost brought the U.S women back into the game with a left-footed strike in the 98th minute, but Andreia made a fantastic save to keep her team in front.