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NFL Lockout: 'Time Running Short' To Save First Preseason Game

The Chicago Bears and St. Louis Rams will kick off the season on Aug. 7 with the Hall of Fame game, which is traditionally the first preseason game of the season.

Of course, we're hoping that's when they kick off the season. The NFL lockout is still in effect which would block any preseason games from being played. The two sides are reportedly making progress but there has to be a date that officially kills the Hall of Fame game. July 22? Aug. 1? Aug. 5? We're not sure what it is but it's sometime between now and the start of the game on Aug. 7.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Chicago Tribune that they don't have a deadline date set up yet, or at least one they're not announcing yet.

"We have not identified a date by which we have to have an agreement to save the Hall of Fame Game," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Chicago Tribune. "Time is admittedly running short, however."

We'll see what happens but it's not like the lockout can be solved on Aug. 6 and these two teams can line up and play on Aug. 7. That's not the way it works. So i would guess the deadline to play that game comes sometime around the last week in July.