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Corinthians Reportedly Bid £35 Million For Manchester City Striker Carlos Tevez

For a few days, rumors have been making the rounds that Corinthians, the Brazilian club who broke their transfer record by bringing in Carlos Tevez from Boca Juniors in 2004, is prepared to break it again to bring him back. It's easy to dismiss the rags, but it's not easy to dismiss the mainstream media. It now seems as though Tevez actually was the subject of a £35 million bid from Corinthians, who are looking to purchase the disgruntled star from Manchester City.

City maintain that £50 million is the minimum price for Tevez, but a bid from Corinthians may cause them to re-consider that stance. It makes sense that City would want to demand that kind of coin from a European rival, but if he goes to Corinthians, he will have no chance of hurting City competitively for a couple of seasons. Additionally, though the fee City paid for Tevez is not known, they would probably be in the general vicinity of breaking even if they sold him for £35 million.

There's something mildly fishy about this bid, though. Yes, Brazilian football is getting better every year, but Corinthians are still not a club that has £35 million lying around in a bank somewhere. If they make this deal, they're likely getting a loan based on expected future income or getting some sponsors to pony up a good chunk of the cash. Or Kia Joorabchian is buying a portion of Tevez's rights again.