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NFL Lockout: Albert Breer Suggests July 21 As Target Date

Joel Thorman wrote on Tuesday that estimations of the target date for the resolution of the NFL Lockout include ... well, really, anytime in the 10 days. Well, following the close of negotiations on Tuesday, Albert Breer of wrote that he hears the target date is July 21.

Sources said the league's objective is to have a completed deal July 21 to present to the larger group at an owners meeting in Atlanta. But the owners and players still have work to do in solving significant issues such as the rookie salary system and funding for retirees' benefits.

Breer's reporting on the lockout has really been the best available anywhere, but with so many working parts and disputed topics, any target date is bound to be a mere estimation. 

Representatives of the players and owners have to meet before a judge next Tuesday, so the idea is that they would like to have the groundwork for an agreement in place by then. That could happen, of course, but the lockout has now been going on for four months, but I would wait to hear about a breakthrough in the negotiations before getting too optimistic.

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