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NFL Lockout: Deal Is 'Very Close', Says Drew Brees

Good news, NFL fans. Someone in the know claims that the NFL lockout talks are getting to the point where the two sides are "very close to a settlement." Drew Brees joined XX Sports Radio in San Diego on Wednesday and provided some optimism for NFL fans.

"We're very close to a settlement," Brees said on XX Sports Radio in San Diego. "We're at that point in the negotiations where there's just a few more details that need to be ironed out."

Among those details are the split of the over $9 billion in revenue and the rookie wage scale. Reportedly, discussions of the revenue split are nearing its final stages. The rookie wage scale remains one of the last big hurdles but the two sides have made significant progress over the last two weeks, Brees says.

Brees is involved in the talks and is one of the named plaintiffs in the Brady vs. NFL case. He knows what's going on so I think his words, more than others, mean something. 

Stay tuned for more NFL lockout news, where out next update is hopefully announcing more optimism that a deal is done soon.